Upcoming Events


“Balance” A Paddleboard Adventure- Maintaining A Prayer/Work Balance

July 27, 2019

Come join us as we have fun balancing on a paddle board in the beautiful Marsh Creek State Park! Let's reflect on how Jesus invites us to do the same in our day-to-day lives! 


This event has been cancelled, stay tuned for rescheduling date!


“Stillness” An Inner Tubing Adventure-From Frantic Activity To Resting In God’s Presence

August 24, 2019

Come join us as we have fun in the sun floating down the Brandywine river, allowing the current to carry us along.  In this laid back event, we learn AND experience what it means to cease striving.  We have an opportunity to fully experience God's invitation in Psalm 46:10... to "be still".  

“Trusting God” An Aerial zip Line/Adventure Tour From Fear To Faith

September 28th, 2019

Come join us as we learn to take the first step, or leap further into a relationship with Christ!  Like Peter, when he walked on the water to meet Jesus, we are invited that same radical trust.  When He invites us to take risks, how will we respond? Let's explore this as we trust our equipment as we take high ropes, areal adventure at Treehouse World!

Stay tuned for future events…

adventurous and contemplative!

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.
— Job 12:10