At Peak Encounter Ministries, we create an atmosphere for you to encounter God and allow him to come close. By connecting with God’s created nature, hearts are captivated by beauty enabling a person to move forward into the heart of God. Be prepared to engage your mind, body and spirit, and hear the beckoning voice of the one who created you. You are invited to broaden your world to find support and healing in a Peak Encounter.

Our Mission

Peak Encounter Ministries mission is to provide adventure opportunities for individuals to encounter God in natural creation, healing, formation, and supportive accompaniment.  Peak Encounter is consistently seeking new ways to engage the current culture and connect others with God’s natural beauty, allowing Him to come close and captivate the hearts of his people and respond to His invitation. Inviting others to get in touch with their deepest desires and to dream again, Peak Encounter Ministries will lead others to the profound truth of God’s unceasing love for each one of us.

Our Vision

The vision of Peak Encounter Ministries is that everyone seeking an authentic understanding of God will encounter Jesus Christ through expected and unexpected ways and allow the goodness of this encounter to spread itself out affecting all of society.

Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.
— John 1:3